Nokia 9.3 PureView

Nokia 9.3 PureView

IT House May 4 news According to Pocketnow citing LETSGODIGITAL news, there were rumors earlier this year that HMD Global delayed the release of the Nokia 9.3 PureView, and the latest renderings of this device have also been exposed recently.

IT House learned that from the renderings given above, the this is somewhat similar to the Nokia Lumia 1020. Both use convex rear camera modules, but the front screen has no gaps and the four-sided borders are narrow, and there is no pop-up front camera module.

In terms of configuration, it is expected that Nokia 9.3 PureView will use a 120Hz 6.3-inch OLED display with a resolution of QHD + and is expected to use off-screen fingerprint recognition. It will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC and supplemented by an 8GB + 256GB storage solution, supporting microSD card expansion; Using the Zeiss certified rear five-camera solution, it will consist of a 108MP main camera + 64MP camera + wide-angle + telephoto + macro lens; in addition, Nokia 9.3 PureView will also support wireless charging and has a 4,500mAh battery, supporting IP68 dust and waterproof.

Breaking news: Nokia 9.3 PureView uses 120Hz screen

Although Nokia 9.3 PureView has been rumored for a long time, its screen details are not well known, but today there are news that new information has been exposed. According to foreign media reports, some sources pointed out that HMD Global is preparing an ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate screen for the upcoming Nokia 9.3 PureView.

This should help Nokia to establish it as the flagship positioning, after all, high refresh rate screen has become the standard for Android flagship models this year. To ensure that users can make the most of the smooth experience, Nokia should use the high-end Snapdragon 865 chipset with the existing Android 10. The existence of the former means that 5G network support is also expected.

Another exciting feature of this mobile may be the five-camera system on the back. According to reports, HMD Global is developing with new partners and plans to use a 108-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 6400-pixel main camera.

Nokia 9.3 PureView will have a 120Hz screen and five zoom lenses

HMD Global ’s flagship five-lens mobile phone this, which was previously launched in limited quantities, was designed with the industry-leading ZEISS five-lens main camera at the time; although it has the disadvantage that it takes about 5 seconds to take a picture, it is still a very unique Model. Recently, information about its next-generation product: No it has also leaked online.

First of all, in the model part, it is said that the model launched this year has a consistent model, so the next generation model of Nokia 9 PureView is not 9.1 PureView, but will be changed to 9.3 PureView, and is expected to be in the third quarter of this year with Nokia 7.3 Publish together.

As for the functions and specifications, there are rumors that the screen of mobile will support a 120Hz update rate, but it is not clear what the screen size is. In addition, Nokia 9.3 PureView may use Qualcomm S865 processor and will support 5G connection; as a member of the Android One family, Nokia 9.3 PureView will also use the Android 10 public interface.

As for the camera part, it is now rumored that the Nokia 9.3 PureView will maintain a five-lens configuration, but unlike the previous-generation “12 million pixels two-color three black And “white” lens configuration, Nokia will use Samsung’s 9.3 PureView 64 million pixels. Or even a 108MP sensor, and will be equipped with a telescope head, depth of field lens and macro lens, and will also support OIS. As for the front camera, it may be 48 million pixels. Some reports even claim that it may use an under-screen lens design. However, whether these rumors are true or not will be clearer in the second half of the year.

Nokia 9.3 exposure: 100 million pixels 5 shots + 120Hz refresh rate 5G new flagship

If you have an overview of the flagship products of the Android camp released so far, you will feel that the competition in 2020 has ended, and top-level configurations such as 100 million pixels, 100x zoom, and 120Hz refresh raise the threshold of consumers time and time again, making people more interested in the next products A little bit of interest. But recently, according to foreign media reports, it may once again subvert cognition, bringing a truly amazing flagship.

It is reported that mobile is testing the under-screen camera technology, and the technology is almost completed. This is a huge upgrade of the PureDisplay V3 version, but Nokia is still preparing a pop-up alternative.

In other words, no matter which solution is adopted, the Nokia 9.3 PureView is a true full-screen flagship with an ultra-high screen ratio and no bangs or openings.

It is also reported that in order to ensure that its flagship product is the best, Nokia 9.3 PureView has not been equipped with a 120Hz high-brush screen.

And as the follow-up model of the world’s first five-camera flagship, Nokia 9.3 PureView will continue its featured pentagonal camera system as needed, possibly equipped with a 64-megapixel main camera and a 108-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

In addition, the Snapdragon 865 is naturally essential, and the 5G network is also reasonable.

It is expected that Nokia 9.3 PureView will be released with Nokia 7.3 in August or September 2020, let us wait and see.

Nokia 9.3 PureView rear five-shot solution or reserved, add 100 million pixel sensor

As Nokia’s flagship model, the Nokia 9 PureView has gained a lot of attention with its unique rear five-camera system. However, after bringing Nokia 9 PureView, the release time of its new generation of successor devices has been postponed repeatedly.

The latest reports show that a new generation of Nokia 9.3 PureView is under development, but its actual release time is expected to be set in the third quarter of 2020.

Obviously, this time the news will postpone the release time, and this also means that Nokia will have more time to develop new machines. A new report from NokiaPowerUser shows that the rear-mounted five-camera design will be retained on the upcoming Mobile Phone.

The report mentioned that HMD Global is working with a new partner to fine-tune the mobile camera system, but the details of the cooperation are still unknown.

In terms of actual imaging system parameters, Nokia 9.3 PureView will be equipped with a 64-megapixel main camera and a 108MP ultra-wide-angle sensor. For other rear camera specifications, there is no relevant information. However, it is speculated that the remaining three cameras may be a combination of telephoto lens + macro sensor + portrait depth sensor. As for the front lens equipped with Nokia 9.3 PureView, there is news that it may be a 48-megapixel camera.

If the above speculation is true, then Phone will bring a further upgrade in shooting capabilities. Can directly compete with other flagship models that take pictures to a certain extent, and the actual results are also expected.

In addition, for other configurations, Nokia 9.3 PureView may use a 6.29-inch OLED display that covers Corning ’s sixth-generation Gorilla Glass and supports screen fingerprint recognition. The core is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC chip, provides 8GB memory and 128GB or 256GB of body storage space, built-in 4500mAh battery, supports Qi wireless charging, running Android 10 operating system.

As for pricing, it is reported that it may be 799 US dollars, However, Nokia 9.3 PureView is still not short from the market, you can refer to the current breaking information.

In the rendering, the intuitive feeling is that it is similar to the Nokia Lumia 1020 and not only has a very representative yellow back cover, even the raised rear module is also similar to OREO. But it is far from the front. After all, Nokia 9.3 PureView adopts the current mainstream comprehensive screen design, and the screen ratio is much higher.

In terms of performance specifications, Nokia 9.3 PureView uses a 120Hz 6.3-inch OLED screen with a resolution of QHD +, which may support off-screen unlocking. Equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, equipped with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM, support microSD card expansion. In shooting, Nokia 9.3 PureView uses a five-mirror module with 108MP main mirror, 64MP lens, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and macro lens.

I do n’t know if the Nokia 9.3 PureView, which resembles the Nokia Lumia 1020 in appearance, will reproduce the glory of the year.

This Phone has such a strong specification, but unfortunately the transmission is delayed until the second half of the year

The connection should support 5G / 4G LTE (Cat 16 4 × 4 MIMO), 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac wireless network + Bluetooth 5.0, and GPS / AGPS + GLONASS + BDS, NFC and ANT +.

This year’s epidemic did come quite suddenly and severely, and it was helpless for Nokia to postpone its new model, hoping that the epidemic would be brought under control as soon as possible.


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